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How To Protect Your Farm

The dark evenings create prime opportunities for rural theft, making farmers more susceptible to crime - particularly vehicle theft, warn the Police and rural insurers. Taking a few simple precautions can reduce the risk.

  • Lock all vehicles. Close windows and sunroofs and ensure that the keys to your vehicles are not kept in obvious places such as wheel arches.

  • Tracking devices. Trackers can help to increase the probability of finding your vehicle should it be stolen.

  • Park vehicles in a locked building. If thieves can’t see the vehicles it deters a theft.

  • Secure gates. Add a padlock and padlock covers to gates to prevent entry or exit.

  • Install CCTV. Helps to provide peace of mind, provides a deterrent and can yield evidence in the result of a theft.

  • Plant bushes and hedges around the perimeter. Thorny vegetation ensures it is difficult to enter the property.

  • Fuel Gauges. Placing an Apollo Smart Meter on your fuel storage provides a handy fuel theft alarm to deter and monitor against theft.