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How to get the best price on your heating oil

When the time of year comes to top up your heating oil tank, it can be a laborious task checking prices with the outcome of quotes varying from day to day. Checking prices regularly throughout the year is essential to help make an informed decision on when to purchase.

Seasonal fluctuation: The best times to top up are during temperate periods when demand is lower which causes a reduction in price globally.

Bulk Buy: Buying quantities over 1000L ensures you receive a bulk purchasing discount, if you don’t normally order this amount or have the capacity in your tank, it can be a good idea to buy together with a neighbour to benefit from a bigger discount. The reason a supplier can provide a discount in this case is due to requiring fewer drops for more customers - making it a more economical delivery.

Avoid Run Outs: Running out of oil and needing an emergency delivery can cost you more due to suppliers having to reroute tankers to refuel your tank.

Additives: By ordering premium heating oil or purchasing additives to add to your fuel oil delivery, it increases the longevity, cleanliness and efficiency of your heating oil which helps to reduce the risk of a costly breakdown and ensure your fuel isn't affected by bugs or spoilage. We stock a wide range of additives to suit your specific requirements.