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Heating oil with exceptional customer service

When ordering your heating oil it can be tempting to order through third party brokers rather than dealing with a heating oil supplier directly. However a direct order provides you with a whole host of benefits, including the peace of mind of a warm home this autumn and winter.

ESTABLISHED FAMILY BUSINESS - With nearly 50 years in the reliable provision of home heating oil in the surrounding areas, we are one of the UK's largest independent suppliers with a five star Trustpilot rating. From our family to yours, we are committed to keeping your home warm.

NO SERVICE CHARGES - Some online heating oil brokers will add a service charge as an item on your finalised bill which can inflate the total price - meaning a low pence per litre price can sometimes be wiped out due to the addition of the service charges. At AID Fuels Oils Group we guarantee that the price you're quoted is the price you pay - we do not add any kind of service charge onto your bill.

STANDARD 3 DAY DELIVERY WINDOW - Online brokers can sometimes offer a lower price due to offering a delivery window of nearly 3 weeks, and sometimes offer little to none prior warning. Our standard delivery window is 3 days with an email and text service to keep you aware of expected delivery times.

DEDICATED CUSTOMER SERVICE - Our experienced, friendly customer advisors are on hand to help with you every heating oil need and ensure from order to delivery you receive the very best service - knowing exactly who you are dealing with.

Order your heating oil online using our quote and ordering service today, and have a guaranteed warm house in 3 days.