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Gas oil - Winter grade and Summer grade

Are you still using Summer grade fuel in Winter? We recommend changing to Winter grade fuel for as soon as possible, to keep your tractor and machinery working through the cold temperatures.

With the Winter season upon us, using the correct grade of Gas oil (tractor diesel) can help prevent engine malfunction following the cost of repairs and or replacements.

How does Gas oil differ within season?

All fuel suppliers are governed by the ‘British Standard of Industrial Fuel Oils’ to adjust the state of Gas oil on a seasonal basis in compliance with Class A2 (B5 2869) specifications.

Gas oil can be classified as Winter grade or Summer grade:

Winter grade gas oil is available from the 1st November to 15th March however, fuel suppliers are required to meet Winter grade specifications the beginning of October.

Summer grade gas oil is specifically designed for warmer seasons and wouldn’t be advisable to use in cold temperatures.

Problems of using Summer grade Gas oil in Winter

  • Cold temperatures can cause the formation of wax crystals when fuel becomes cold

  • Wax crystals can cause blockages in the fuel filter preventing the engine to start

  • As temperatures drop condensation and water build up occurs, contaminating the engine and clogging filters

Winter Additives to protect your fuel

Using the correct grade of oil is just one preventative measure to protect your fuel. You can also use Winter additives such as Anti-wax which can help prevent the formation of wax crystals, but note that it won’t dissolve crystals that are already present.

For help and advice, contact us on 01543 506117. If you require a supply of Winter grade gas oil order online. Gas oil is available in quantities of 500 litres to 37,000 litres.