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Fuel Receipts Set To Change

The Vehicle Fuel (Publication of Tax Information) Bill has been proposed in Parliament this week, calling for fuel duty to printed on petrol station receipts. If passed, the bill would allow motorists to see how much tax they are paying in fuel duty and VAT.

At the current price of fuel, duty and VAT accounts for 65% of the fuel price - raising over £35 billion for the Treasury each year.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: "Motorists know how much Vehicle Excise Duty they have to pay to keep their vehicle on the road so it seems ridiculous they have no idea how much duty they are paying to the Treasury when they fill their vehicles with fuel. This Bill really shouldn't be controversial, it is just a long overdue form of transparency that everyone who drives a vehicle ought to be entitled to see.

"We would hope that MPs from all sides of the House will show their support by allowing this Bill to progress and that the Government takes notice of just how popular this measure would be with motorists."