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Fuel Card Market Set To Grow

According to Reportlinker, the European fuel card market is forecast to reach $264.95 billion by the year 2024 due to increasing demand for the ease of cashless transactions and other benefits fuel cards can bring to a fleet.

WEEKLY SET FUEL PRICES - Fuel cards offer a fleet manager the security of being able to budget for the week ahead with often discounted fuel prices. The National Network card even offers up to 12ppl off at motorway service stations - great for those requiring national coverage.

SECURITY - Helping prevent theft and reducing unaccounted spending, fuel cards are often accessed using a chip and PIN system and the assistant can even complete a registration check. The Keyfuels card provides benefit of CONTROLMAX - providing real time alerts on transactions, specific windows of usage, transaction values and the ability to block transactions.

BENEFITS - When purchasing fuel from Esso Fuel card sites your drivers can collect Tesco Clubcard points and Shell Drivers Card points at Shell sites - a great free incentive for your drivers as both can amount to money off groceries or even free meals on the go.

CONVENIENCE - As all of our fuel cards are free, it is easy to have multiple cards within your fleet to tailor to different drivers or vehicles - saving your fleet time and money with over 8000 UK forecourts available. It’s easy to have a Texaco fastfuel card for your petrol fuelled vehicles and a UK Fuels card for your HGV’s, or even multiple fuel cards across your fleet - all transactions will appear on one invoice. Use our FREE market leading site locator to find your nearest sites.

CUT ADMIN COSTS - No need to keep receipts with fuel cards, all transactions will appear on your invoices on our free online account management, allowing fleet managers to easily collect VAT rebates and keep a close eye on fuel expenditure.

EUROPEAN COVER - If you operate nationally and internationally your business can also benefit from access to over 22,000 sites across 37 European countries. The Shell International card offers breakdown coverage, toll and bridge payments, ferry charges and dedicated rest/parking areas.

ADDED EXTRAS - Many fuel cards offer the added benefits of being able to purchase AdBlue, car wash, shop goods and even M6 Toll, bridge and ferry payments - all of which can also be restricted.

FEES - Many people have a common misconception from much larger fuel card providers that fuel cards include numerous fees including anniversary, convenience and eco fees. We challenge this idea - all of our fuel cards are FREE - the only charge you will find on your invoice from us is the fuel your drivers use. We are totally transparent with our cards - our only fee is an 85p non-usage charge if a card is not used within one calendar month.

Like the sound of all this, but unsure which fuel card would suit your business best? We cater to businesses of all sizes - small or large - simply give us a call on 01543 466066 to discuss your options with one of our fuel card advisors for impartial advice.