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European travel with Shell International Fuel Card

The Shell International fuel card is the perfect solution for businesses that travel across Europe. With over 27,000 sites in 30 European countries your drivers will never be too far from their next fill. There is also a handy route planner listing all of the forecourts that accept the Shell International fuel card, so you can plan your route and never run out of fuel.

When travelling across Europe being wary of fuel card fraud should always be a priority for your business. The Shell International card offers peace of mind for users with its fraud prevention measures, which include;

  • Fast card blocking
  • A dedicated fraud team
  • PIN acceptance required where possible

To make managing your European fuel costs even easier, Shell also provide clear invoices that separate spend by country with exchange rates clearly itemised. This helps you to effectively track what you are spending on your European journeys.

Travelling in Europe often comes with other expenses in the form of tolls and taxes. The Shell International card can also help you streamline these extra costs and can be used for;

  • Tunnel & bridge payments
  • VAT & excise duty
  • Ferry payments
  • Rola (Truck on train)
  • Breakdown charges & fines
  • Parking payments
  • Truck wash

The Shell International fuel card provides users with an end to end proposition which encompasses network, fuel quality, fuel management systems & services on the road in one single, convenient solution. Get in touch with AID’s fuel card team to simplify your European travel.