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EU Parliament votes to implement new vehicle safety standards

The EU Parliament has backed new safety regulations for vehicle releases that will come into effect by 2022. The new regulations stipulate that all new cars, vans, lorries and buses sold in Europe will need to be fitted with a number of new safety features.

This includes Automated Emergency Breaking which can detect pedestrians and cyclists, along with Intelligent Speed Assistance. In some EU members states, new vehicles will also be fitted with an alcohol interlock device to combat drink-driving accidents.

As part of the new safety regulations vehicles will also be fitted with Electronic Data Recorders that record data from a few seconds before, during and after a collision. This will allow for closer analysis of accidents in the hope that it will prevent future collisions.

The new safety regulations are being introduced as a way to protect vehicle occupants and vulnerable road users. They will also include; driver drowsiness and attention warning systems, reversing detection systems, and emergency lane-keeping systems.