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EU introduces new smart tachograph regulations

On the 15th June 2019, new regulations were introduced for larger vehicles being newly registered in the EU. All new trucks and buses must be fitted with a smart digital tachograph to be able to drive on EU roads.

The new regulations have been brought in to help enforce EU rules on driving and resting times for bus and truck drivers, which are essential to adhere to. It is also part of the Commission’s ‘Europe on the Move’ - a directive aimed at fairly transitioning towards clean energy and digitisation within the transport industry.

Smart Digital Tacograph features

The newer smart digital tachographs is more advanced than its current counterpart and offers more user-friendly functions. It has Bluetooth connectivity and satellite positioning to transmit accurate data to control authorities - allowing infringements to be reported and dealt with much more easily,

Not only that, the smart digital tachographs also give valuable real time information that can be used by Fleet Managers to optimise their fleet management strategies.

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