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Dubai set to be the first city to run its vehicles on waste cooking oil

/media/news/library/dubai_1.jpgDubai is officially set to become the first city worldwide to formally adopt biodiesel sourced solely from 100% waste cooking oil to fuel its municipal vehicles, taking a significant step forward for sustainable energy. Business Insider has reported that a deal between the Minimality and Neutral Fuels LLC is set to fully replace the diesel in its fleet with cleaner, more sustainable biodiesel.

Karl Feilder, the CEO & Chairman of Neutral Fuels said: “This is a fantastic day for the UAE, for Dubai and for biodiesel. The Municipality is creating a sustainability benchmark which the rest of the world should note. We are proud to be part of the UAE’s bold vision for a sustainable future, and applaud the Municipality for making such a strategic move.”

The use of this biodiesel reduces carbon monoxide emissions by up to 84% in carbon footprint in comparison to traditional fossil fuel diesel (UK Department of Transport report, January 2008). This is also without the need for any costly modifications to the vehicle.

In the UK, it is currently legal for an individual to make 2000 litres of biofuel a year before registering to pay excise duty. However home oil refining is a difficult process and may cause long term damage to your engine due to the viscosity of the oil.

With the current need for more renewable energy sources, is this initiative something we could see established by the government in the near future?