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Driving Safely in Heavy Rain

April showers can sometimes be more serious than a spattering of light rainfall. Some rain showers develop to become heavy patches of rain that can make driving very difficult. If you have to drive during heavy rain showers here are some safety tips to take note of.

Increase your breaking distance

Stopping distances double during wet conditions so reduce your speed and increase the space between yourself and the vehicle in front.

Improve your visibility

Heavy rain makes it harder to see around you when driving, use dipped headlights to increase your visibility and help other drivers spot you more easily.

Be aware of your surroundings

Spray from fast-moving or large vehicles can make a difficult driving situation even more problematic. Always be aware of your surroundings and approaching vehicles so you can slow down if necessary.

Avoid standing water

Heavy rainfall causes large puddles to spring up across roads, and in some instances these puddles may be too deep for your car to safely drive through. If this is the case always find an alternative route to avoid causing damage to your vehicle.

If you judge that the puddle is shallow enough to drive through - always drive slowly in a low gear (preferably second gear) this will keep the car moving through the water at a safe speed. If you feel your car aquaplaning at any point, avoid putting the breaks on and ease off the accelerator instead, this will stop the car from swerving and potentially losing control.

Once you have safely navigated the puddle, gently test your breaks on the other side to get rid of excess water and continue to drive slowly until all of the water is clear from your car.

Knowing how to drive safely in wet weather is essential for all motorists, if your employees regularly drive as part of their role, managers should educate them on the basics of driving during heavy rain.