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Driving Home For Christmas?

With British winter officially upon us today, motorists are urged to winter-proof their cars in order to ensure journeys are safer for their passengers and other road users. Here at AID Fuel Oils Group we've put together some helpful tips to ensure your car is in top condition during the cold weather.

1. Top up antifreeze. Maintaining the correct level of antifreeze prevents cold temperatures from causing damage to your engine. Your manual will determine the best type and amount of antifreeze best for your vehicle.

2. Check your tyres. Balding tyres are a hazard at any time of year, but with frosty conditions the problem can worsen. It's recommended to maintain a tread of at least 1.6mm or invest in winter tyres if you regularly drive in rural areas.

3. Test your brakes. As driving conditions worsen, it's essential to ensure your brakes are up to the challenges that winter weather brings. We recommend ensuring your brakes are properly lubricated with a high quality brake fluid to minimise your stopping distance.

4. Don't let your fuel tank run empty. In cold temperatures the fuel line may freeze if slightly empty. You can prevent this by keeping your tank half full.

5. Use high quality oils. Freezing temperatures can cause engine oil to thicken which can hinder lubricating properties. It's essential to ensure that any oil used is compatible with the make and model.

With over 400 Q8Oils engine oils, AdBlue, brake fluid, antifreeze and accessories available for next day delivery, see how AID Lubricants can winter-proof your engine this winter.