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Drivers warned to use air con correctly during hot weather

Drivers are being warned of the dangers of not using their air conditioning correctly during the hot weather. Driving in warm temperatures with an insufficient air supply can be hazardous to drivers’ health.

Recent recommendations from SEAT suggest that drivers should first open car doors and windows to let the heat escape before blasting the air con. If hot air remains trapped inside the car it will simply be circulated by the air conditioning, making it harder for the interior to become cooler.

Cars that are left sitting in the sun can reach temperatures of nearly 60 degrees and such high temperatures can reduce a driver’s reaction times by up to 20% - the equivalent of having a blood-alcohol level of 0.05% which is close to the UK legal limit.

Leaving the air conditioning running on full can also cause windows to become misty or foggy - most modern cars have an auto function that will adjust the temperature inside the car accordingly, so where possible drivers should ensure that this is turned on.

Air jets should also be pointed upwards to improve airflow around the vehicle. It may be tempting to angle them directly towards you, but to keep the car at an even temperature it is best to single them slightly higher.

Regular maintenance of your car’s air con system is a necessity to keep it working correctly. Clogged air filters can stop effective circulation and may even distribute dust and pollen particles around the car too.

With the UK’s heatwave in full effect, paying attention to how your fleet drivers are using their air con systems is more important than ever.