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Don't freeze over Christmas

The weather outside isn’t too frightful yet but you can ensure your family has a cosy Christmas by ordering your heating oil now.

At peak Christmas times, delivery windows can be extended due to reduced opening hours and increased demand. Ordering your heating oil sooner rather than later will guarantee delivery in time for Christmas so you don’t have to worry.

If you are relying on your Aga to cook a delicious Christmas dinner then now is the time to check the levels in your oil tank. For peace of mind, AID Fuel Oils Group also offers a monitoring service that lets us keep track of your heating oil.

Our Smart Alert service will alert us as soon as your tank drops below a specified level and we will automatically schedule a heating oil delivery. You can sit back, drop the heating on and not worry about a thing.

You can order your heating oil at anytime using the ‘Quick Quote’ section on the homepage of our website.