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Don't ditch diesel just yet

Growing concern over new Euro emissions standards has led to a large drop in the number of diesel vehicles purchased for business fleets. Sales dropped by 17% in 2017, after many fleet managers and drivers began re-evaluating their vehicle choices.
In light of new Low Emission Zones around the country and a crackdown on vehicle pollution following new Euro6 standards, many companies have opted for petrol and hybrid vehicles to drive costs down. Yet, this isn’t the best option for businesses across the board and fleets will still benefit from diesel vehicles.
Diesels get more mileage than their petrol counterparts and often retain their value for longer. Newer diesel vehicles can even fare better than older petrol models when it comes to emissions testing. Therefore it is unlikely that the new Low Emission Zones will exclude diesel cars that comply with the latest Euro6 standards.
This allows fleet managers to continue opting for cost-effective diesel vehicles that will help them to keep down transport costs and expenses.
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