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Understanding Fuel Card Invoices

The free AID invoice comparison service ensures that you understand every part of your fuel card invoice. We pride ourselves on our clear and concise invoicing practices and so far we’ve identified savings for many businesses.

Through our experience of invoice analysis from other fuel card providers, it is apparent that the VAT amount isn’t always clearly displayed. This can make it difficult to see how much you are paying per drawing because the unit cost is hard to determine. Not only that, surcharges are frequently hidden and often the unit price of fuel is simply not shown.

Transparency is key, know what you are paying:

  • The unit price should match your price notification for the week the fuel was drawn in.
  • The VAT amount should be clearly displayed.
  • The unit price per transaction should be marked clearly.

Checking your fuel invoices should be an easy task so take a look at yours now, do you understand it? Send us a copy of your latest invoice and we’ll tell you how much you could’ve saved with an AID Fuel Card

*any information shared with AID Fuel Oils Group will be kept strictly confidential.