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Choosing your next heating oil supplier

Whether you’re new to heating oil or are considering switching from your usual supplier, choosing the right company for your fuel needs is important. You need a supplier that is reliable all year round and offers competitive prices and reasonable delivery times.

We’ve listed some of our top tips to consider when looking for your next heating oil supplier.

Are they FPS registered?

The Federation of Petroleum Suppliers is a trade association for the oil distribution industry. It ensures that all of its members adhere to high standards and deliver the best possible service to their customers. By choosing a member of the FPS you can rest assured that they are bound to uphold the promises of the association.

Check service reviews

A good way to gauge the quality and reputation of a business is by looking at reviews from previous customers. Some suppliers use rating websites such as Trustpilot where customers are invited to leave reviews of the service they have received.

Other platforms to look at for reviews include social media such as Facebook and Google.

Look past the price

When choosing a heating oil supplier the cheapest may not always be the best. Businesses that offer good customer service as well as competitive prices are a safer bet, especially if you are relying on a delivery. Prices in the oil market are continually fluctuating but good customer reviews are earned through reliability and great service.

Are there any extras?

Always check to see if your supplier offers any extra services that will make the process cheaper or easier for you to manage. AID Buying Clubs help you save money on delivery costs by pooling orders with your neighbours. Some suppliers also offer monitoring services to ensure your tank never runs dry - as soon as oil levels drop below a certain point an automatic delivery will be arranged.

To order heating oil from AID Fuel Oils Group you can call us on 01543 506117 or use our quick quote and order feature.