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Birmingham City Council Plans for Clean Air Zone

Birmingham City Council has announced plans for its new Clean Air Zone which will come into effect from 2020. The zone would cover all roads within the A4540 middleway ring road and would target drivers of non-Euro6 compliant diesel vehicles and non-Euro4 compliant petrol vehicles.

Birmingham City Council was one of the five councils required to take action to keep in line with the UK and EU statutory nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limits within the shortest possible time. Introducing a Clean Air Zone into the city is the most effective way to meet the set targets and clean up air pollution.

Another council required to take action - Leeds City Council has also revealed its own plans for a Clean Air Zone with hopes that it will also be implemented by 2020.

It is hoped that eventually there won’t be a need for Clean Air Zones as all UK road users will be driving vehicles that are environmentally friendly or using alternate methods of transport such as buses, cycling or walking.