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Autumn Health Checks For Your Vehicles

With darker mornings and evenings, dropping temperatures and loose leaves, autumn has the potential to cause issues for many drivers. Before the clocks go back is a great time to complete a few quick and essential checks around your vehicle to ensure you won’t be stranded in the cold!

Check Tyres - With plenty of rain and leaves, the road can become slippery - add into the mix a frost and things can get very dangerous quickly. For this reason it’s important to ensure your tyre tread is of a depth of at least 1.6mm, following the treat indicators on the tyre itself and that there are no cuts or bulges. Otherwise it’s time to change the tyres or even put winter tyres on for extra grip.

Test Your Brakes - Ensure your brakes are not spongey or slack - ready for potentially slippery and leaf covered roads.

Check Fluid Levels - The fluids under your bonnet ensure your vehicle runs as smoothly as possible - therefore it is essential to ensure your engine oil, antifreeze, brake and wiper fluids are topped up.

Test Your Lights - With the nights drawing in the commute home can sometimes be in complete darkness, it is essential that other drivers can see you and you can see the road ahead to prevent accidents.

Stock Up on De-icer - Ready for the frosty mornings ahead to ensure you can leave the house as quickly as possible!