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AID proudly supporting the UK agricultural industry

Farming has long been the backbone of British economy, and with Brexit looming on the horizon we delved into the UK agricultural industry to find out exactly how much can be attributed to our hardworking farmers across the country.

  • Approximately 70% of the total UK area is utilised for agriculture - this makes up some 17.4 million hectares.
  • 19% of UK land is used for arable crops such as wheat and barely, and a further 1% is used for horticultural crops.
  • In 2016, there were 466,000 people working in the UK agricultural industry and there were 218,000 agricultural holdings.
  • In 2015, the agri-food sector contributed £109 billion to the UK economy - around 6.6% of national Gross Value Added (GVA)

AID Fuel Oils Group are proud to have supported the agricultural industry with reliable fuelling, AdBlue and lubricant solutions for nearly 50 years. Throughout our 48 years in the agricultural sector, we have earned a valuable reputation in providing competitive prices and dependable service - which has made us the first choice for many farms across the Midlands. We understand that your farm is your business and your home, and being without fuel is not an option.

(Statistics taken from the House of Commons Briefing paper 8218, 31st January 2018. Written by Emma Downing and Sarah Coe)