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AID enhance fleet with new tanker

Here at AID Fuel Oils we understand the importance of a reliable fleet for meeting our customers delivery requirements, for this reason we are continually investing in our fleet of tankers.

Last week, we took delivery of a brand new tanker, Fleet 29.

The latest state of the art equipment, featuring a government approved delivery meter can hold a total of up to any one of the following:

  • 19,100 litres of road diesel
  • 18,900 litres of red diesel
  • 20,000 litres of heating oil
  • or 20,000 litres of unleaded

Just like all of our fuel tankers, fleet 29 carries a clean line system. This system means delivery is very accurate and ensures that our customer gets every litre of fuel that they have ordered.

Our fleet utilise a dry line delivery system as opposed to the traditional wet line hose. This allows for more precise deliveries and eliminates fuel contamination, due to the fact the fuel line is blown down at the end of each delivery.

With a wet line, up to 60 litres of fuel can be held in the pipe, meaning that when a product switch needs to be made; instead of using air to blow the pipe down, another product is needed to clear the pipe through.

The long reach, 180ft hose also means that our drivers often do not always have to drive onto your property during delivery. Further, as fleet 29 is also equipped with a steering rear axle, our experienced drivers are able to manoeuvre in very small spaces, allowing delivery to the most difficult locations.

We appreciate fuel can often be needed in the most demanding of weather conditions. Along with our brand new tanker, our modern fleet is constantly evolving, enabling us to meet our customers’ requirements.

Kind regards

The AID Fuel Oils team


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