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5 Ways Kerosene Plus Can Save You Money

When ordering your fuel online with AID Fuel Oils Group you may not noticed the option to order Premium Kerosene, heating oil with additives for just 1p per litre more than normal kerosene. Although the fuel costs 1ppl more, it is designed to save you money over time.

  • Actively cleans sooty carbon fouling inside your fuel storage tank, boiler and AGA components, ensuring a more efficient burn which helps to lower overall running costs.

  • Lowered soot and carbon also mean that your heating system can produce a warmer burn for your home meaning you can potentially lower the thermostat from your usual temperature.

  • Regular kerosene ages much quicker than Kerosene Plus, passing aged kerosene through your heating system and cause a costly breakdown. If you only order fuel once a year Kerosene Plus is a better option as the additives help to maintain fuel quality to keep it fresher for longer - extending its storage life.

  • Cleaner fuels that allow your boiler or AGA to work up to 10% more efficiently lower your risk of breakdown and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Lowers your carbon footprint due to lowered carbon fouling from a cleaner fuel.

Treat your home to Kerosene Plus this winter to see the difference a better fuel can make to your boiler or AGA.