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5 Myths About Using Fuel Cards

A fuel card is a great tool for business’s large and small to streamline fuel costs with discounted weekly rates, whilst also minimising administration with VAT reclaimable invoices. As one of the UK's largest independent fuel card providers, we pride ourselves on creating the best fuel card solutions for businesses of any size and debunking myths created by larger companies.

MYTH: You’re restricted on site usage and tied to one fuel card.

With AID Fuel Oils Group, you can have multiple free fuel cards on one account, tailoring your usage to each driver or area of your business - yet all of these transactions will still appear on one weekly invoice allowing you to keep a tight rein on fuel spend. Tailoring fuel cards to your business will give your fleet access of up to over 8000 UK forecourts.

MYTH: All providers charge fees.

Most fuel card providers will quote lower pence-per-litre prices and then wipe out these discount savings with multiple fees including card charges, online account management costs, network service fees and replacement car charges. With AID Fuel Oils Group we only charge for the fuel you use - our online account management and site locator app are as standard with every fuel card.

MYTH: You can’t fill up at supermarkets.

Some of our fuel cards offer one weekly set price for your fuel, including the use of Morrisons Supermarkets - with no added fees. This means wherever your drivers may be they will never be without a site.

MYTH: Prices are higher.

Weekly set prices are based upon the commercial rates of purchasing fuel which can sometimes be up to 5% cheaper than pump prices. It also means your business avoids fluctuation of pump pricing and every litre is priced against our weekly pricing mechanism. Some of our fuel cards even offer savings of up to 12ppl at motorway sites.

MYTH: Drivers can abuse the system easily.

Online card management is now more advanced than ever, providing restrictions on not only purchases, but days, times, locations and spend frequency. Add to the mix live alerts, instant reports and real time purchase declining; it’s never been easier to lock down and secure your fuel spend.

Find your perfect fuel card today - view our selection of cards or contact our fuel card advisors for impartial, no obligation advice on 01543 466066.