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Tougher choices facing transport managers in 2019

Transport managers will have tougher decisions to make about the choice of the vehicles that make up their fleets in 2019.

Diesel powered vehicles have long made up the majority of fleets, however there are now more options available and fleet managers should factor these into their considerations for 2019 onwards.

The rise of hybrid and electric vehicles has brought potential savings for businesses but may not be suitable for all users. Its important to consider what the vehicle is going to be used for; Hybrid models appear to offer savings but are not always suitable for all users. If a person is regularly travelling miles on the motorway then a hybrid may not be the best choice. Hybrid engines can only run for so many miles using electric and will then revert petrol which offers less miles per gallon than diesel.

Choosing the right make and model of vehicle is important too, the car should be a good representation of your business as well as being practical for your drivers. If your employee is going to be travelling long distances with lots of equipment they may need a bigger car with lots of boot space. However someone travelling short distances with no equipment would be comfortable in a smaller size car.

Before choosing the vehicles that will make up your fleet, transport managers are advised to consider all of the options available. New WLTP rules will soon come into play that may affect older diesel vehicles and a rise in mixed fleets has been predicted.

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